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Awesome diamonds ring

Friday, June 5, 2015 3:28:51 AM America/Los_Angeles

An engagement ring is a ring indicating that the person wearing it is engaged to be married, especially in Western cultures. In Western countries, engagement rings are worn mostly by women, and rings can feature diamonds or other gemstones. In some other cultures men and women wear matching rings. In some cultures, engagement rings are also used as wedding rings.

The woman's ring is presented as an engagement gift by a man to his prospective spouse while he proposes marriage or directly after she accepts his marriage proposal. It represents a formal agreement to future marriage.

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Guide on How to Buy Diamond Ring for Men

Monday, July 13, 2015 3:13:27 AM America/Los_Angeles

This blog is brought by WholeSaleDiamonds – USA making diamond ring for men & women, engagement rings, mens white & yellow gold diamond rings, diamond pinky rings and other beautifully crafted diamond jewellery. Check our website and get amazed.

An adult male flaunts his only single ornament that he wears once in a lifetime and that is his wedding ring. A small segment of men wears various metallic rings for significant purposes like family tradition or a devotional practice.

Men’s Ring: To wear or Not to wear?

Absolutely, YES! men can wear rings too as they are no more limited to females. We don’t argue with the fact that lot of modern jewelry available today may not be for men, but we stick to the reality that ornamental rings can be worn by men too.

Rings are not sensitive towards gender. They are for both masculine and feminine.

Symbolism of Men’s Diamond Ring

Diamond rings can be divided in two: one that is purely used for decorative purpose and the other that has cultural or religious significance. There are not so many religions that tempt the devotees to wear a ring or so, but many of them encourage for specific roles or purpose.

Well let’s stick to the topic on how to buy diamond ring for your men or men in general.

Step 1: What kind of Ring a man should wear?

Whether you need a big looking ring, something funky or crazy, rich look, simple, rough & tough, macho or something that should be dramatic? What is your take? A single ring cannot compensate your entire wardrobe. It depends on the type of outfit you select to wear.

Hence, select the ring that best matched your personality trait or the one for whom you are planning to buy.

Step 2: Pick up the correct Ring size

The size of the ring matters in which finger it is worn and secondly how it looks in that particular finger. Pinky and middle fingers are most favorable choice to decorate them with a ring of any metal, color and stone.

Step 3: Metal do matter for Rings

Gold is the most preferred metal choice in ornaments from head to toe for all genders. You can have diamond stones tagged in pure gold that is yellowish and in white gold that is alloyed in metals like nickel and manganese.

Other metals that can be considered for male rings are Silver, Platinum, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Tungsten Carbide, Cobalt Chrome and Palladium. It is advisable to check with the allergic reactions towards these metals when tagged on our body parts.

Once a selection is made based on the style, size and metal then go ahead and buy it. Price might be a little concern here but that we leave it upto you. If it is for the most important men in your life than price want bother, but if you are cost conscious at the same time change the ring metal from more costly like gold to silver keeping the design same.

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Diamond Bracelet Bangle: Important Checklist to buy Online

Monday, September 7, 2015 11:06:49 PM America/Los_Angeles

Buying jewelery online has its own advantage and disadvantages. There are problems that buyers face even though there are lots of benefits of buying diamond jewelery online. Sellers offer 50% less price than market rates and this particular thing clicks buyer’s mind about the authenticity of the stones embedded in diamond bracelet bangle. However, it is advisable to do your homework first about buying online any kind of jewelery.

Diamond bracelet bangle trending in two varieties are sterling silver bracelets for men and womens white gold bracelets.

Below we have tried to input certain checks on buying online jewelery. Read them and use it before your next online jewelery purchase.

Customer Service

Check the after sales services of the retailer from whom you intend to buy. Make a thorough background check. See, whether they have appointed a separate customer care service center or not. Why this matters? If in case you have any query you can just dial them.

Return Policy

When you visit your retailer’s site, read carefully the terms & condition mentioned in the return policy online. Many sellers employ 30 days money back policy with implied terms & conditions. If there is no such return policy mentioned do not transact with the seller. You may get cheated after making purchase.


Whether the online order you make is small or big, you should always ask for insurance during the shipments. This way you can secure your purchase from potential threats.

Diamond Certification

Always ask for lab approved certification of diamond testing. Check whether the certificate provided to you is from a well known certifier and as per standards.

Product Images

Professional online jewelers use high definition multi dimensional images so that buyers get enough space to look at the product and verify it till they are satisfied.


Pricing policy differs online and offline and if the jewelry is branded and rarely available the cost may go high compared to others. The best solution is to compare the price with other sellers and ask for privileged prices from the one whom you are buying from.

The checklist was developed by WholeSale Diamonds – USA, leading online diamond jewelery retailer with finest collection of diamond bracelet bangle,sterling silver bracelets for men and womens white gold bracelets. Visit us for beautiful gold and silver diamond rings for men and women.

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Guide on How to Buy Womens Diamond Engagement Rings

Tuesday, September 8, 2015 9:37:34 PM America/Los_Angeles

The selection of womens diamond engagement rings is a major decision and will be a measure by which you will be judged by your female partner. This will also cost you financially and may put you in complex situation if the deal goes wrong. Hence, selecting a diamond engagement ring might be emotional as well as calculated financial decision. Let us get through the process of selecting a timeless beauty for a deserving woman in your life.

Emotional quotient attached with womens diamond engagement rings

Diamond jewellery is the best surprise for females. Get some clues during your talk about what type of ring she likes. Is it a traditional one? Is it like her mother or grandmother’s? Does she like modern designs or a simple one? Selecting diamond ring for her with a family story associated with it will add more emotions.

You can also scan her very own jewellery collection to decide what metal she may like. Yellow gold or white gold engagement rings for women are trending these days.

The ring must be a visual masterpiece

Ring size depends on fingers – large hands need large rings. Selecting multi stone rings gives you more carat than a single stone as well as the area of sparkle also increases. Trilogy rings are also worth trying having 3 diamonds that represents past present and future. If you have no idea of what ring type to give her try a simple traditional ring.

Small stones cost low due to fewer carats and can be easily afforded. You can decide within solitaire, trilogy or traditional rings which one to surprise her.

Color & Clarity

Fancy color diamond stones are liked very much and are in popular demand; they are used to produce a mesmerizing look. If your partner is having white diamond jewellery in her collection than you can give her colorful stones to add variety in the collection. You can also go with the colorless diamonds if not want to risk the occasion.

The amount of black inclusions in the stone defines clarity. Many stones have visible inclusions that can be seen through naked eye and others have to be magnified for the same. However, the retailer want show you diamond rings with spots or inclusions that will tarnish the look of the ring. Ask for purity certificate of the jewel and metal.

The cuts and carats

Select your diamond based on the cut. Diamonds cut with utmost care is visible when observed minutely. The cuts add to the beauty of a diamond, hence while selecting a diamond jewelery one has to look for this too.

Selecting a large stone is a matter of choice and cost also. Large stones describe high value status, while the same may lay an impact of an artificial diamond too. They symbolize modesty and impeccable taste.

Selection of womens diamond engagement rings vary as per the taste, preference and budget.

The guide on “How to buy womens diamond engagement rings ” was developed by WholeSaleDiamonds – USA, leading online diamond jewelery retailer. Visit us for beautiful gold and silver diamond rings for men and women.

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Selecting Perfect Diamonds for Womens Diamond Engagement Rings

Thursday, September 10, 2015 2:29:49 AM America/Los_Angeles

Although you are not an expert of verifying diamonds, this blog post will guide you in a simplest manner on how to identify perfect diamonds following the 4 C’s of diamond identification. It is important to understand every bit of information about them before buying.

Hence, when you set out to buy or select womens diamond engagement rings for your lady love there are four measures by which you can avoid lending fake diamonds in your hands.

The 4 C’s

Cut, Color, Carat and Clarity.


The cut of a diamond describes the finish & polished proportion of a diamond. They also unearth the brilliance (round cut diamond) & light dispersion present in the diamond. Hence observe the cuts of diamond when buying or selecting them.

Two major cuts are observed say round and princess cut. These both cuts are excellent in symmetry.


The second C is clarity which describes the clearness or purity of a diamond. Diamonds have grading system where F grade diamonds are flawless and I grade diamonds have inclusions in it. In simple words they are not pure. Many diamonds with inclusions are also selected by buyers because these inclusions are so minute that they are not visible to the naked eye.


Colorful diamond studded jewelery is always a best gift to give away to your love ones. Like clarity, color diamonds also have grading system depending on the amount of color they contain. Generally buyers prefer to have minimum color diamonds and when it comes to womens diamond engagement rings colorless gems are ideal to buy.


The final C is the carat which refers to the weight of a diamond. In simple terms 1 carat is 0.20 grams. Now, if the diamond is of high carat it means it is costly and the weight is also more. The price of a diamond is influenced by the cuts, clarity and color along with carat.

Well, now when you know how to identify perfect diamond engagement ring you are all set to make your first inspection. Use these theories, select the finest ring and gift her. Don’t keep her waiting; grab the moment to see the expression on her face that is priceless.

Contact us for any kind of assistance in selecting or buying womens diamond engagement rings. We will be glad to help you. You can browse our wide collection of womens white gold wedding band, silver wedding bands for men and women both.

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We recommend a regular clean up of your diamond jewelry so that the beauty of your sparkling stones and metals is preserved for a long time. Hence it is very important to clean up your precious jewelry by trained professionals to avoid any defects.

Simple Cleaning Tips to try at Home

  • Watch out for the drain – shut it to prevent any loss
  • Use warm water and not excess boiling water
  • Avoid concentrated household bleaching agent
  • Rinse with water after wash
  • Clean it gently with soft cloth
  • Do not forget to dry your jewelry after wash
  • Water stains are highly visible after they dry. Hence, clean them properly.


How to clean gems & stones?

Use soft and non metallic brush to rub gems and stones. The brush must have plastic bristles like your tooth brush. Use mild ammonia & warm water mixture to clean.

Look for prongs or settings where dust buildup is likely, stones are often covered up with skin oil making them dull in appearance. Clean these places carefully & gently.

Storage is equally important

Avoid metallic boxes to store delicate jewelry. It is unavoidable in bank lockers; hence use soft fabric in the box to reduce friction between stones and metals. You can also go for fabric lined jewelry boxes specially designed to store such jewelry.

Remove your jewelry before

  • Gardening
  • Using concentrated chemicals
  • Going in extreme hot temperature
  • Body lotions, body spray, perfumes etc.
  • Playing sports, gym work outs or house cleaning
  • Swimming – chlorine present in pool can severely damage the color & metal of the jewelry.
  • Bathing – Soap, shampoo, conditioners etc forms a thin white covering on the stone & metal both making it dull in appearance.

Contact our experts for more cleaning & preserving tips for your diamond jewelry. Also browse our latest collection of pendants, charms, designer watches, bracelets, earrings and real diamond stud earrings for men and women both.

We are running a special discount offer on mens diamond stud earrings this season. See what we have in stores for you.

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3 Tips for Perfect Diamond Mounting in Wedding Ring Sets

Wednesday, November 4, 2015 2:56:26 AM America/Los_Angeles

Diamonds are beautiful forever, but what make them more beautiful are the settings in which they are mounted with respect to design & metal. The word mounting means the central diamond position in which it is placed along with other stones and detailing of the designs.

Diamond mounting in wedding ring sets

#1 Spotlight on your Stone It is not about diamond size, but about style! Your diamond wedding ring sets can sparkle even if there are small size stones in it. You need to take care that enough light is delivered to the central stone while selecting the design. Hence, if the diamond is small select channel settings for more brilliance and if you go with large stone select head setting aka elevated mounting design. In this design the stone is hold by metal claws lifting the stone for more light.

#2 Select the Right Metal The metal & stone complements each other. The metal must be stylish & able to support your diamond. Go for platinum or titanium metal, they are strong & durable. Gold & silver metals are long lasting too, but low carat makes them weak. Hence it is less advisable for usage.

#3 Popular Types of Ring Mounting It is vital to be educated with famous types of ring mountings used in diamond jewelry designs so that you can make better selection. Let’s see them:

Prong settings: This setting elevates you diamond to give more glamorous effect, but prong settings is to be taken care of very much. To ensure more durability choose platinum metals for prongs to give strong grip to the diamond.

Channel Setting: This setting is awesome making your ring look more beautiful by filling the gaps in the design. To fill the gap lots of small size diamonds are used and this can cost you. If budget is not a problem you can go with it.

Pave Setting: This setting is also known as invisible setting because the diamonds are placed without revealing the metal between them. Women diamond engagement rings are mostly designed in these settings.

Bezel Setting: Diamond stones are tightly gripped by metal surrounding them hence no fear of losing the stones. The disadvantage of this setting is that lots of metal covers the stone. If you like more metal you can go for it.

Diamond settings, color, carat, size etc are technical details which you might find complex to understand. We advise you to contact our experts for easy understanding of the same.

Also browse our latest collection of pendants, charms, designer watches, bracelets and earrings for men and women both.

We are running a special discount offer this season. See what we have in stores for you.

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Unique Cushion Cut Real Diamond Engagement Rings: Maximize the Beauty

Friday, November 20, 2015 2:53:15 AM America/Los_Angeles

Diamonds are classified according to their Size, Shape, Color, Clarity and Cut. This blog will guide you through an exclusive cutting style called “cushion cut” and how this particular cut beautifies your ring.

Read about real diamond engagement rings having cushion cut stone in the center. The cushion cut diamond maximizes the overall beauty of your ring. Carry large stones with grace.

First of all let us understand, what is a cushion cut diamond?

A cushion cut diamond is recognized by its rectangular or square shape. The corners of the stone are gentle round elevating the sheer brilliance and clarity of the stone. Along with round corners and bulging in the center it gives effect of a pillow and this is why it is referred as “Cushion Cut”. The exact persona of cushion cut reflects only if the stone is big in size and mounted perfectly.

Before innovative technology to cut diamonds in various shapes, cushion cuts rose to popularity in early 40s. Since then cushion cut is tagged in the classic hall of fame.

Remember, today we have high power fluorescent lights to observe a beautiful diamond compared to candle lights long before.

While buying womens diamond engagement rings in cushion cut shape the first thing first is to determine the shape. You must look for whether the stone is cut in perfect square cushion or in rectangular cushion.

After determining the type of cushion cut you shall look for ring style. Read below 2 kinds of ring styles that we prefer with real diamond engagement rings.

  1. Simple metal frame with little decoration to show maximum brilliance of the stone.

  2. Vintage style detailed settings that allow diamonds to sparkle the most.

Cushion cut diamond rings trends in both simple modern look & vintage artistic look.

Due to the variety of style offered by this particular cut they are not easy to find and one who orders find them costly with making charges. has thousands of designer diamond engagement rings for both men and women in every shape, size, color, cut & clarity.

Also browse our latest collection of pendants, charms, designer watches, bracelets and earrings for men & women.

We are running a special discount offer this month. You need to visit us today because we have limited stock of fresh new designs.

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Diamond Cross Pendant: From Spirituality to Pure Love

Tuesday, December 22, 2015 11:00:36 PM America/Los_Angeles

Diamond cross pendant has always been, and will continue to be, one of the most popular pieces of jewelry in terms of spirituality, holiness & godliness that a man or woman can own.  Stylish & fashionable, but on the contrary these pendants are elegant & sophisticated too.

Diamond cross pendant represents a range of meanings - from religious beliefs to simply a pure love of fashion.  Our mens diamond cross pendant are simple & classic. They can be worn alone or layered among your other favorite necklaces, earrings or any other jewelry that best suits it.

These trendy pendant styles are available in variable designs that are sure to stand out with any outfit. They are romantic & masculine. Diamond cross is the jewelry that has been around for years, and will always be in style.

There are many options to wear a diamond pendant that range from small, dainty crosses to diamond studded stunners. You can carry a simple cross necklace alone as a refined statement, or turn up your style a bit high by layering your cross pendants with other jewelry. You can al so mix up different metal types to give it stunning look in colors like yellow, rose and white gold.

More than anything else, mens diamond cross pendants are a timeless beauty which is hard to be overcome by any kind of fashion or jewelry. Everyone wear crosses for any occasion – making them one of the most versatile pieces you can own.

Wholesalediamondsusa carries a number of diamond cross pendant that are sure to fit any gender style & personality. Checkout some them below:

  • Multi Diamond Pendant
  • Multi Color Charmed Pendant
  • Religious Cross Pendant
  • Charmed Horizontal Cross Pendants
  • Mens Diamond Cross Pendant
  • Womens Diamond Cross Pendant
  • Custom Order Diamond Pendants


Learn more about diamond pendants and shop all of your favorite designer jewelry with us. has biggest collection of designer jewelry for both men and women in every shape, size, color, cut & clarity.

Browse our latest collection of pendants, charms, designer watches, bracelets and earrings for men & women.

We are running a special discount offer this month. You need to visit us today because we have limited stock of fresh new designs.

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How will you sparkle in the 2016 with Mens & Womens Custom Diamond Jewelry?

Friday, January 8, 2016 9:20:55 PM America/Los_Angeles

Every year is a new year, but do you sparkle every year? If NO, then gear up to shine with Mens custom diamond jewelry & womens custom diamond jewelry in 2016.

New year is the time for self-improvement. We make resolutions to be better in the upcoming year whether it is to quit smoking, loosing extra weight or anything else. These things may be difficult, why not try something easy? Why not shine with custom diamond jewelry in 2016 to look & feel better even with that extra fat.

 Designer shoe, apparels & accessories make you look fabulous but they are time consuming & expensive. Moreover they change with modern trends & fashion. Timeless classic jewelry stays long with you making you look spectacular, and never go out of style. 

Have this awesome diamond jewelry in your collection & sparkle in 2016. Here is the list.

Diamond Ring for Men

Shop the best designer diamond ring for men in your life. He could be your life partner, friend, dad, brother or anyone who you really admire. This masculine men’s ring are the perfect gift items to know the gentle side of your men.

Women Diamond Engagement Ring

Women & diamond both are classic examples of beauty. They represent the charm, magic & allure of killer looks & attraction. A perfect new year present for the lady love of your life. Propose, engage & marry this year. A women diamond engagement ring is the reflection of her men’s love. 

Diamond Pinky Rings 

You might be dreaming of your boyfriend or girlfriend finally proposing you this year. Make your dream come true with jaw dropping diamond pinky rings. These are not merely diamond rings; instead they represent commitment, love & togetherness. Be with your loved ones this year.

Real Diamond Stud Earrings

Real diamond stud earrings can be traditional yellow or white gold, solitaire or multi gem, but they all have one thing in common – love & commitment in a modern or vintage style. Have them this year to flaunt your relationship & style.

Diamond Wedding Ring Sets 

Get these real diamond wedding ring sets to represent the infinity of your relationship. The metal shows the bond of your relationship while the stone resembles eternal love between you two.

Diamond Jesus Piece Pendants

Be divine, realize inner peace & beauty with sacred diamond Jesus piece pendants. Price is not a factor here; with a Jesus pendant you express the most expensive token of love towards the almighty.

Diamond Cross Pendant

Want something that makes you feel more divine & blessed? Carry a diamond cross pendant. Be social & religious in 2016.

Start your new year with a special charm, who knows this might become your lucky charm.

We are running a special discount offer this month. You need to visit us today because we have limited stock of fresh new designs in 2016.

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