Diamonds are classified according to their Size, Shape, Color, Clarity and Cut. This blog will guide you through an exclusive cutting style called “cushion cut” and how this particular cut beautifies your ring.

Read about real diamond engagement rings having cushion cut stone in the center. The cushion cut diamond maximizes the overall beauty of your ring. Carry large stones with grace.

First of all let us understand, what is a cushion cut diamond?

A cushion cut diamond is recognized by its rectangular or square shape. The corners of the stone are gentle round elevating the sheer brilliance and clarity of the stone. Along with round corners and bulging in the center it gives effect of a pillow and this is why it is referred as “Cushion Cut”. The exact persona of cushion cut reflects only if the stone is big in size and mounted perfectly.

Before innovative technology to cut diamonds in various shapes, cushion cuts rose to popularity in early 40s. Since then cushion cut is tagged in the classic hall of fame.

Remember, today we have high power fluorescent lights to observe a beautiful diamond compared to candle lights long before.

While buying womens diamond engagement rings in cushion cut shape the first thing first is to determine the shape. You must look for whether the stone is cut in perfect square cushion or in rectangular cushion.

After determining the type of cushion cut you shall look for ring style. Read below 2 kinds of ring styles that we prefer with real diamond engagement rings.

  1. Simple metal frame with little decoration to show maximum brilliance of the stone.

  2. Vintage style detailed settings that allow diamonds to sparkle the most.

Cushion cut diamond rings trends in both simple modern look & vintage artistic look.

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