We recommend a regular clean up of your diamond jewelry so that the beauty of your sparkling stones and metals is preserved for a long time. Hence it is very important to clean up your precious jewelry by trained professionals to avoid any defects.

Simple Cleaning Tips to try at Home

  • Watch out for the drain – shut it to prevent any loss
  • Use warm water and not excess boiling water
  • Avoid concentrated household bleaching agent
  • Rinse with water after wash
  • Clean it gently with soft cloth
  • Do not forget to dry your jewelry after wash
  • Water stains are highly visible after they dry. Hence, clean them properly.


How to clean gems & stones?

Use soft and non metallic brush to rub gems and stones. The brush must have plastic bristles like your tooth brush. Use mild ammonia & warm water mixture to clean.

Look for prongs or settings where dust buildup is likely, stones are often covered up with skin oil making them dull in appearance. Clean these places carefully & gently.

Storage is equally important

Avoid metallic boxes to store delicate jewelry. It is unavoidable in bank lockers; hence use soft fabric in the box to reduce friction between stones and metals. You can also go for fabric lined jewelry boxes specially designed to store such jewelry.

Remove your jewelry before

  • Gardening
  • Using concentrated chemicals
  • Going in extreme hot temperature
  • Body lotions, body spray, perfumes etc.
  • Playing sports, gym work outs or house cleaning
  • Swimming – chlorine present in pool can severely damage the color & metal of the jewelry.
  • Bathing – Soap, shampoo, conditioners etc forms a thin white covering on the stone & metal both making it dull in appearance.

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