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Selecting Perfect Diamonds for Womens Diamond Engagement Rings

Thursday, September 10, 2015 2:29:49 AM America/Los_Angeles

Although you are not an expert of verifying diamonds, this blog post will guide you in a simplest manner on how to identify perfect diamonds following the 4 C’s of diamond identification. It is important to understand every bit of information about them before buying.

Hence, when you set out to buy or select womens diamond engagement rings for your lady love there are four measures by which you can avoid lending fake diamonds in your hands.

The 4 C’s

Cut, Color, Carat and Clarity.


The cut of a diamond describes the finish & polished proportion of a diamond. They also unearth the brilliance (round cut diamond) & light dispersion present in the diamond. Hence observe the cuts of diamond when buying or selecting them.

Two major cuts are observed say round and princess cut. These both cuts are excellent in symmetry.


The second C is clarity which describes the clearness or purity of a diamond. Diamonds have grading system where F grade diamonds are flawless and I grade diamonds have inclusions in it. In simple words they are not pure. Many diamonds with inclusions are also selected by buyers because these inclusions are so minute that they are not visible to the naked eye.


Colorful diamond studded jewelery is always a best gift to give away to your love ones. Like clarity, color diamonds also have grading system depending on the amount of color they contain. Generally buyers prefer to have minimum color diamonds and when it comes to womens diamond engagement rings colorless gems are ideal to buy.


The final C is the carat which refers to the weight of a diamond. In simple terms 1 carat is 0.20 grams. Now, if the diamond is of high carat it means it is costly and the weight is also more. The price of a diamond is influenced by the cuts, clarity and color along with carat.

Well, now when you know how to identify perfect diamond engagement ring you are all set to make your first inspection. Use these theories, select the finest ring and gift her. Don’t keep her waiting; grab the moment to see the expression on her face that is priceless.

Contact us for any kind of assistance in selecting or buying womens diamond engagement rings. We will be glad to help you. You can browse our wide collection of womens white gold wedding band, silver wedding bands for men and women both.

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Guide on How to Buy Womens Diamond Engagement Rings

Tuesday, September 8, 2015 9:37:34 PM America/Los_Angeles

The selection of womens diamond engagement rings is a major decision and will be a measure by which you will be judged by your female partner. This will also cost you financially and may put you in complex situation if the deal goes wrong. Hence, selecting a diamond engagement ring might be emotional as well as calculated financial decision. Let us get through the process of selecting a timeless beauty for a deserving woman in your life.

Emotional quotient attached with womens diamond engagement rings

Diamond jewellery is the best surprise for females. Get some clues during your talk about what type of ring she likes. Is it a traditional one? Is it like her mother or grandmother’s? Does she like modern designs or a simple one? Selecting diamond ring for her with a family story associated with it will add more emotions.

You can also scan her very own jewellery collection to decide what metal she may like. Yellow gold or white gold engagement rings for women are trending these days.

The ring must be a visual masterpiece

Ring size depends on fingers – large hands need large rings. Selecting multi stone rings gives you more carat than a single stone as well as the area of sparkle also increases. Trilogy rings are also worth trying having 3 diamonds that represents past present and future. If you have no idea of what ring type to give her try a simple traditional ring.

Small stones cost low due to fewer carats and can be easily afforded. You can decide within solitaire, trilogy or traditional rings which one to surprise her.

Color & Clarity

Fancy color diamond stones are liked very much and are in popular demand; they are used to produce a mesmerizing look. If your partner is having white diamond jewellery in her collection than you can give her colorful stones to add variety in the collection. You can also go with the colorless diamonds if not want to risk the occasion.

The amount of black inclusions in the stone defines clarity. Many stones have visible inclusions that can be seen through naked eye and others have to be magnified for the same. However, the retailer want show you diamond rings with spots or inclusions that will tarnish the look of the ring. Ask for purity certificate of the jewel and metal.

The cuts and carats

Select your diamond based on the cut. Diamonds cut with utmost care is visible when observed minutely. The cuts add to the beauty of a diamond, hence while selecting a diamond jewelery one has to look for this too.

Selecting a large stone is a matter of choice and cost also. Large stones describe high value status, while the same may lay an impact of an artificial diamond too. They symbolize modesty and impeccable taste.

Selection of womens diamond engagement rings vary as per the taste, preference and budget.

The guide on “How to buy womens diamond engagement rings ” was developed by WholeSaleDiamonds – USA, leading online diamond jewelery retailer. Visit us for beautiful gold and silver diamond rings for men and women.

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