Buying jewelery online has its own advantage and disadvantages. There are problems that buyers face even though there are lots of benefits of buying diamond jewelery online. Sellers offer 50% less price than market rates and this particular thing clicks buyer’s mind about the authenticity of the stones embedded in diamond bracelet bangle. However, it is advisable to do your homework first about buying online any kind of jewelery.

Diamond bracelet bangle trending in two varieties are sterling silver bracelets for men and womens white gold bracelets.

Below we have tried to input certain checks on buying online jewelery. Read them and use it before your next online jewelery purchase.

Customer Service

Check the after sales services of the retailer from whom you intend to buy. Make a thorough background check. See, whether they have appointed a separate customer care service center or not. Why this matters? If in case you have any query you can just dial them.

Return Policy

When you visit your retailer’s site, read carefully the terms & condition mentioned in the return policy online. Many sellers employ 30 days money back policy with implied terms & conditions. If there is no such return policy mentioned do not transact with the seller. You may get cheated after making purchase.


Whether the online order you make is small or big, you should always ask for insurance during the shipments. This way you can secure your purchase from potential threats.

Diamond Certification

Always ask for lab approved certification of diamond testing. Check whether the certificate provided to you is from a well known certifier and as per standards.

Product Images

Professional online jewelers use high definition multi dimensional images so that buyers get enough space to look at the product and verify it till they are satisfied.


Pricing policy differs online and offline and if the jewelry is branded and rarely available the cost may go high compared to others. The best solution is to compare the price with other sellers and ask for privileged prices from the one whom you are buying from.

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