It’s the wedding bells are ringing and now when you are engaged and planning for a big fat wedding ceremony this year, you & your partner probably are busy with your wedding stuffs. The most important part of your ceremony is the diamond wedding ring sets that you both are contemplating with respect to style, budget, size, shape, carat, clarity etc.

The process of selecting the best wedding ring is not easy whether it is for male or female. There might be reasons behind this; you may be running low on budget due to unexpected wedding costs, or you may not have come across the perfect ring set that touches your heart.

Whatever the reason be just look at the latest styles in diamond wedding ring sets that are trending this wedding season & that will help you choose the best for you & your partner. 

Vintage Wedding Ring Style

This is the latest trend that everyone is fond of & has no signs of easily getting away in the upcoming times. Thanks to the modern wedding system where couples are getting married in barns & wineries instead of regular places like country clubs or banquet halls.

Vintage wedding rings can be actually be vintage derived from your grandparents or else you can order a ring set that has a vintage-look. This type of look adheres to an older style having small diamonds, scrolled edges & elevated stone edges. It is a sort of modern vintage style popular amongst new generation.

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Stacked Pave Wedding Ring Style

While you are still looking forward to a celebrity style blinged - out wedding ring, the shelves of most jewelers have been replaced with elegantly stacked pave style wedding rings. This kind of design features small diamonds that are stacked around the ring. This kind of diamond stacking looks stunning in solitaire diamond rings, simple platinum rings or palladium metal rings.

And the best part is they don’t take a sizeable amount out of your budget. Visit us for same designs in women diamond engagement ring.

Colored Diamond Wedding Ring Style

Colorful stones are affordable compared to colorless (white) diamonds. Colored gems make a style statement with emerging colors from within. Most popular colored stones or say popular colors in beautiful diamond stones are sapphire blue, canary yellow, pink, rose gold, green & all time classic black.

Canary yellow & sapphire blue are popular color. Colored diamonds are indeed stunning & they are favorite of all from Asia to America.

This wedding season promises to be an interesting one with respect to new & promising designs in wedding rings & bands. If you are still looking for beautiful wedding rings then we are your ultimate destination.

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