Wedding jewelry is as important as the dress & other elements, but there are enough bridal blunders seen these days. These blunders range from common to celebrity brides. Hence, with this blog today we would like to share a small piece of information regarding what you should wear on your wedding day & what accessory will perfectly match the wedding jewelry that you are going to adorn. 

Let’s get straight to the bucket list. 

The Do’s of Wedding Jewelry 

Do express yourself in a consistent manner. You can mix and match the jewelry of same tone. In other words if you have vintage jewelry & if you plan to wear then it should match other accessories. 

Do match your head piece with earrings they both should complement each other adding more beauty to your look. They must not compete each other. 

Do a mixture of classic & modern or rustic & vintage diamond gold wedding bands. Keep in mind the skin color, gown design & color, related accessories etc. 

DO give your wedding jewelry selection enough time. Select them at least before 3 months so that you have enough time for any alteration. 

DO integrate color schemes that match or compliment tone of your diamond wedding ring sets. Select color in such a way that it can be worn even after wedding day. 

DO a little change in the jewelry if there’s a reception ahead. You can add bangles, but they must be light tone & shall merge with other elements that you are wearing.


The Don’ts of Wedding Jewelry 

First & the foremost thing don’t over-accessorize, just be yourself too much of jewelry won’t make you look most beautiful instantly. 

Don’t wear wrist watch let your family members keep time for you if you are wrist watch freak. Wear diamond bracelet bangle instead. 

Don’t wear a necklace with one-shoulder gown. Instead of necklace go for a pair of real diamond stud earrings

Don’t try anything new on this day, it may go wrong. Many of them in the impression of doing something trendy get stuck in an awful situation. 

Don’t wear cheap accessories. Select quality accessory that can be worn again & again. 

Are you still confused what to wear & what not to then contact our experts, they will help you out selecting beautiful & finest wedding jewelry. 

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