Diamonds are beautiful forever, but what make them more beautiful are the settings in which they are mounted with respect to design & metal. The word mounting means the central diamond position in which it is placed along with other stones and detailing of the designs.

Diamond mounting in wedding ring sets

#1 Spotlight on your Stone It is not about diamond size, but about style! Your diamond wedding ring sets can sparkle even if there are small size stones in it. You need to take care that enough light is delivered to the central stone while selecting the design. Hence, if the diamond is small select channel settings for more brilliance and if you go with large stone select head setting aka elevated mounting design. In this design the stone is hold by metal claws lifting the stone for more light.

#2 Select the Right Metal The metal & stone complements each other. The metal must be stylish & able to support your diamond. Go for platinum or titanium metal, they are strong & durable. Gold & silver metals are long lasting too, but low carat makes them weak. Hence it is less advisable for usage.

#3 Popular Types of Ring Mounting It is vital to be educated with famous types of ring mountings used in diamond jewelry designs so that you can make better selection. Let’s see them:

Prong settings: This setting elevates you diamond to give more glamorous effect, but prong settings is to be taken care of very much. To ensure more durability choose platinum metals for prongs to give strong grip to the diamond.

Channel Setting: This setting is awesome making your ring look more beautiful by filling the gaps in the design. To fill the gap lots of small size diamonds are used and this can cost you. If budget is not a problem you can go with it.

Pave Setting: This setting is also known as invisible setting because the diamonds are placed without revealing the metal between them. Women diamond engagement rings are mostly designed in these settings.

Bezel Setting: Diamond stones are tightly gripped by metal surrounding them hence no fear of losing the stones. The disadvantage of this setting is that lots of metal covers the stone. If you like more metal you can go for it.

Diamond settings, color, carat, size etc are technical details which you might find complex to understand. We advise you to contact our experts for easy understanding of the same.

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